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Founded in 1993, the manufacturing company BONUS is successfully developing and is now an absolute Leader in the Russian Federation for the production and sale of facilities for the adjustment, repair and testing of diesel fuel equipment.

On the basis of in-house MANUFACTURING, our company is engaged in the development and serial production of benches for testing and adjustment of high-pressure fuel pumps (HPFP) of SDM brand, benches for testing and adjustment of injectors of M-106, M-106E, M-107E series, equipment for testing and repair of Common Rail systems and other repair equipment and accessories for diesel fuel systems.

The most important direction of business of Bonus LLC is also the sale of equipment for car service stations and equipment for repair of fuel injection equipment produced in China.

The equipment produced by our Company has been approved and recommended for operation by the largest Russian manufacturers of fuel injection equipment - Yaroslavl Fuel Equipment Plant (YaZDA), Noginsk Fuel Equipment Plant (NZTA). We are the official representative of BOSCH.

Training seminars for fuel fuel pump technicians are held on the basis of BONUS LLC. Theoretical training of trainees is carried out in an equipped classroom, and practical training in a work and study shop equipped with all the necessary modern equipment.

Our sales geography is not limited to the Russian Federation - our dealers represent our equipment in more than 50 regions of Russia as well as in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries.

If you have any questions and you can't find the answers to them in this section, please ask us by phone: (48431) 3-73-22, 3-73-78, 3-73-99, or via e-mail: bonus20488@mail.ru

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