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HPFP setup complex with electronic control system (Euro-3) M-110

Manufactured by Bonus

The complex is designed for running-in, adjusting, checking the HPFP with ECS with Euro-3 standards. Supports working with the following JPFPs: 136-10, 136-20, 136-30, 136-40, 179-10, 179-20, 179-30, 179-40, used on the benches for testing and adjusting HPFP SDM-12-03. Performs the following functions:

  • entering the main control program to the electronic control unit (ECU);
  • entering basic settings for the specific model of HPFP to the ECU;
  • adjusting full-load curves (FLC) of cyclic feeds with saving the settings in the ECU;
  • checking the mobility of the HPFP rail;
  • HPFP running-in

It consists of the following elements:

  • Personal computer with printer;
  • HPFP setting unit;
  • USB adapter for connecting the computer to the setup unit;
  • Electronic control unit (ECU);
  • A set of wires for connecting the ECU and HPFP ECU;
  • Software package.

Connection diagram of the M-110 complex

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