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Diagnostic test bench M-108 for Common Rail injectors and A-04

Manufactured by Bonus

The M-108 bench is designed for diagnosing Common Rail injectors manufactured by Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens (including piezo-) and A-04 injectors. The bench is completed with a beaker measuring system, a base with test plans for Bosch, Denso, Delphi electromagnetic injectors and Piezo Bosch piezoelectric injectors with an option of updating and self-refilling.

The bench is designed to be operated indoors at temperatures ranging from 10°C to 35°C, relative humidity 65% at 20°C, atmospheric pressure from 650 mm Hg to 800 mm Hg. Climatic version is NF 4 (moderately cold climate) of GOST 15150-69.

The following parameters can be checked on the bench:

  • the minimum duration of the injector firing pulse (BIP signal);
  • the minimum injector firing pressure;
  • the output of the injector in various modes.

Control by maintaining the pressure in the fuel supply system to the injector, with the duration of the injector opening pulse, electrovalves of fuel supply to the test measures of the bench is carried out by means of a computer, which displays information during the tests.

The M-108 bench consists of a casing, fuel supply system, fuel temperature stabilization system, electrical equipment and measuring unit. The bench electrical equipment is powered from a three-phase AC 380 V, 50 Hz mains.

The bench package includes:

  • a cable set for Bosch, Delphi, Denso injectors;
  • additional accessories for testing injectors.
Basic technical data and characteristics

checking the 1st injector

LED display

signal modulator remote control

accumulator pressure regulation

100 to 1600 bar

beaker measuring system:
supply measurement
return measurement

40ml/ 135ml
40ml/ 135ml

injector rate of operations

16 Hz

duration of the injector opening pulse

160 — 5000 ms

availability of the priming pump

availability of the pressure gauge in the fuel priming line

duration of the injector opening pulse

160 — 5000 ms

fuel filtration rating

2 mcm

fuel tank capacity

20 l

temperature control of the test fluid within the range

0-100±3 deg.C

protective screen

plexiglass (h=6 mm)

power supply

380 V, 50 Hz

maximum power consumption

5.5 kW


250 kg

overall dimensions

1050x1690x665 mm

Delivery set

Article number


Article number



Bench for diagnosing Common Rail injectors

High-pressure guarded pipeline M12xM14 (600 mm)

High-pressure guarded pipeline M14xM14 (600 mm)


Adapter for injectors Renault Premium 0 445 120 003, 004, 009, 010, 014, 015, 019, 020


Adapter for injectors MAN 0 445 120 044, 024, 053, 055, 056, 068, 154


Adapter for injectors MAN 0 445 120 030, 061, 040, 041, 083, 100, 110, 111, 164, 165, 217, 218, 219


Adapter for injectors IVECO 0 445 120 007, 018, 028, 032, 046, 054, 057, 069, 075, 079, 103, 113, 114, 182, 183, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212

Delivery fitting D=6 mm

Delivery fitting D=6 mm

Straight fitting 6512 6-1/8

Cable for BOSCH injectors

Cable for tubular screw injectors

Cable for BOSCH, SIEMENS piezo-injectors (red insulation)

BOSCH injector fuel discharge adapter

Atomizer tip D 7 mm

Atomizer tip D 9 mm

Vibration mount

Bench for testing
plunger pairs
Bench for testing
and adjusting injectors
M-107, M-107E
Diesel test gauge
for inline HPFPs

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